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A LYV Exclusive Opportunity

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I write to you with overwhelming excitement to share an amazing opportunity for you, our most valued readers.


The Values Crew Community

What’s this all about? You can find all the details below.

SPOILER: We’re looking for 10 dedicated Founding Members. You can find the link to apply below.

The deadline to apply is: Friday, April 21st, 2023

Introducing the Values Crew [VC] Community

The ‘Why’

We envision a world where all of us humans feel fully connected to and fulfilled from the work we do. Aspirational? Yes. That’s what a vision should be 😉

We know that aligning your values with your work (and life) leads to a greater sense of fulfillment.

Further, we’re seeing more and more studies showing that less than half of the American workforce is happy with their current job, with more workers opting for increased freedom and flexibility over higher paychecks.

This is personal to me, having suffered through job misalignment in my early days as a professional, clawing my way out of the corporate world into a more grounded, direct-service type role as a Career Counselor.

This not only had a profound impact on my professional life, but pulled me out of a vicious cycle of depression, anxiety, fear, and isolation, at a fragile age of 23.

Because of those experiences, I’m on a mission to help empower people just like you become your most aligned and authentic self by staying true to your core values and living a fulfilling life, each and every day.

I’m genuinely excited to leverage my skills and experience in career coaching, business counseling, and group facilitation to help connect like-minded folks in this space and work towards that mission.

Lastly, but maybe most important: I absolutely LOVE community (I’ve been an active participant in a number of online and IRL ones over the years), and feel this is the best way to act on this mission.

The ‘What’

So what are we offering, exactly?

We’re launching an online membership focused on connecting and supporting values-driven individuals seeking more fulfillment In life and career.

What this will look like? 

We will host an inclusive community where you will:

  • Give and get support from other values-driven community members

  • Have structure and accountability to pursue your life and career goals

  • Define and align your values in order to…

  • Design a fulfilling life and career

Other benefits of joining the [VC]:

  • More clearly seeing the connection between your core values and fulfillment in your lives

  • Making changes, big and small, to better align your ideal life with their core values

  • Living and showing up more authentically in your day-to-day

  • Confronting challenges with confidence at work, home, relationships, and with yourself

  • Developing stronger, deeper, more meaningful relationships

  • Learning to lean into and trust your authentic self

The ‘How’

This community will be hosted online on a platform called, Circle. We’ve researched and tested a bunch of platforms, and Circle is undoubtedly the one that will support the mission the best right now.

Some examples of community features will be:

  • Workshops and guest experts to help you design a fulfilling life & career

  • Targeted resources for Living Your Values

  • Journal prompts and reflection exercises

  • Access to monthly “Coffee with Bagel”: AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions with LYV Founder

  • Meet & Greets to get to know other [VC] members

We plan on leveraging the feedback from the Values Crew Founders to better inform and tailor the experience to the community - so you’ll be a big part of making the vision a reality!

The ‘Who’

The Values Crew may be right for you if you are:

  • Feeling unfulfilled or feel you have untapped potential

  • Seeking “more” out of your life, career, or business – but may be afraid or unsure of taking the next step

  • Growth-minded

  • Doing work around or open to working on personal core values

  • Balancing multiple jobs/projects without feeling fully grounded in one

  • Having a desire to impact or serve others

Exclusive Bonuses for Founding Members

To sweeten the deal, we’re bundling in the following for every single founding member:

  • Access to the LYV Exclusive premium newsletter and podcast feed

  • A complimentary one-on-one fulfillment coaching session with LYV founder, Bagel (45 mins)

  • Preference for contributing to member stories, workshop topics, and resources that will benefit Values Crew

  • Priority support in the community as long as your a member

The Investment

If you enrolling at this stage, you will receive exclusive Founding Member Access.

The price is a whopping $19/mo or $199/yr.

Some notes on pricing:

  • Insert obligatory cups-of-coffee or meals-out equivalent (I never quite understood that, a cup of coffee in San Fran might be 3x as expensive as Charlotte)

  • The point is, our goal is to make it very accessible to the right founding members

  • This price will never increase for as long as you maintain continuous membership. That’s right. $19/mo (or $199/yr) for life

  • If you decide to leave and rejoin, you’ll pay the current price at that time

My goal is to make this membership 10x more valuable than what you pay. I just ask for patience in the beginning stages as we building out this value 🙂

How Exclusive?

Because this is an Alpha (that’s right, before Beta) launch, we’re limiting the number of members to just 10.

We’re looking for folks who will be completely invested in helping to found this community, and therefore bragging rights as being recognized as a Values Crew Founder.

Building in Public

We will be building this community in public – well, I guess technically in private – with these 10 founding members

The goal is to validate the need for this community and solidify the value and target audience

This is likely a good fit if you:

  • Are comfortable with being adaptable

  • Are willing to provide feedback on your experience and desires

  • Have actively participated in an online community previously

This is likely not a good fit if:

  • You’re expecting a flawless or seamless member experience

  • You’re looking for a fully structured and formed “syllabus” or plan

If this sounds like an opportunity you don’t want to pass up, I encourage you to apply ASAP. We will accept the first 10 qualified members.

Note: Membership for the Values Crew will open to the public later in 2023.

The deadline to apply is: Friday, April 21st, 2023

If you have any questions, you can reach out to us at [email protected]