Why You Need to Start Saying 'No'

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This week, I posted on the socials about the need to say 'no' more, especially for the kind and generous spirits. Maybe that’s you. Maybe it’s someone you know.

I’d love to know how this resonates you.

Below are some of the replies I received.

I agree with the principal. Saying no gives you more time for the things you say yes to.

Saying no also makes your yes more meaningful.

I have worked really hard to be able to say no to my parents and prioritize what’s important for my immediate family.


Often if you say no they'll find someone else who will do what they did or were going to ask you. You run the risk of your replacement doing a better job than you and you may lose opportunity in the future.


Next week, I’ll share my replies to these comments and yours. Speaking of which…

Your Turn

🙋 Do you need to say 'no' more?

🤔 What benefits or consequences would that bring in your life right now?

See ya next week!

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