One Simple Question to Make Your Goals a Reality

Six simple words

It's Thursday, and for some in the US, we're approaching a long holiday weekend (not for me, but I cheers to you 🍻).

Whether you have President's Day off, or you're feeling the lull of the post-football season winter, I hope you find some time to relax and recharge – maybe that's hitting the slopes, making a hearty stew, calling a friend who gets you, or relaxing on the couch and doing absolutely nothing.

This week's issue of Living Your Values will be noticeably more succinct, in the hopes of moving you to action on a simple concept...

The Success Question

It's mid-February, which means that, statistically, 80% of those reading this newsletter have abandoned their new years' resolutions.

While resolutions may be a good jump start to lose weight, cut alcohol, or be a better friend, you've probably heard by now that it often takes consistent habit-forming (thanks, James Clear!) to stay true to your long-term goals.

But what if I told you there was a mental shift that could unlock your wildest dreams and seemingly out of reach goals?

The best part? It's painstakingly simple.

Allow me to introduce... the Success Question:

How can this come to be?

Sounds too easy, right?

It should be.

As a classic over-thinker, I've trained myself into believing – time and time again – that anything worth having should be grueling to obtain. But years ago, in an eye-opening interview with Life Coach, Brittany Canaski, I had an ah-ha moment when she shared a revelation she had with her Coach:

What if it doesn't have to be hard?

- Brittany Canaski, Life Coach

So here is my challenge to you. I want you two take two steps this week:

  1. Clearly list out 3-5 goals you have for 2023, with the focus on what will bring you fulfillment. As a bonus, list out a bucket list item that you would love to achieve, but maybe feel is unreachable this year.

  2. Then, for each goal, answer the question: How can this come to be?

That's it!

Find yourself feeling empowered, with concrete action steps to progress towards the goal.

Yes it's oversimplified.

Yes, it works.

Give it a shot!

Here are some examples as I went through the exercise myself, so you know I "walk the walk":

Some of Bagel's Goals & Success Answers

Bagel's Success Questions

Bagel's Success Questions

Let's Hear From You

We'd love to hear your take on the success question!

Resource of the Week

One of the ways I've been staying focused on the things that matter lately is by joining virtual coworking sessions.

I recently signed up for Flown, a game-changing boost for both my productivity and ability to focus on one task at a time.

If you're in need of some external accountability, I highly recommend giving it a free spin here (you'll also get 25% off membership if you decide to join after the trial). As always, using our referral link is not required, but useful for a good deal :)

See ya next week!

🥯 Bagel 🥯